What Are Psychic Rune Readings?

Those with intuitive powers have a tendency to use their heightened levels of awareness to carry out the Psychic readings. Via the heightened senses of touching, seeing, hearing, and feeling, they are somewhat able to foresee the events that can happen in one’s future. These extrasensory senses have been often labeled as clairaudience for hearing, clairvoyance for visual abilities, as well as clairsentience for feeling.

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What Are Psychic Rune Readings?

It is supposed that these senses are supernatural, meaning that they may exist, but can not be clearly explained by science. In other words, they tend to come from another level of consciousness which is not readily perceived by the ordinary humans in the concrete world.

In general, Psychic readings are intended to offer spiritual guidance in a person’s life. These holy readers can also utilize their powers to help locate the lost people or objects, solve the crimes, or even stay connected with the spirit world via the séance. Besides, many occultists will apply the certain tools to assist them in specializing in giving the various types of readings. Some of the most well-known instruments are Tarot cards, crystal readings, astrology reports, palm readings, etc.

Psychic Rune Readings! What Are They?

One less familiar tool that several Psychics could notice is the use of the rune readings. To be considered as the very old art, this type of Psychic reading has its roots in an ancient alphabet. Generally, runes would be writing alphabets from the earliest recorded civilizations. Lots of the modern occultists popularly avail the Elder-Furthark Norse runes as a magical instrument for doing their paranormal readings. Don’t forget that the runes tend to symbolize the concepts like wealth, happiness, conflict, or danger. The olden symbols are availed in a Psychic consultation as a fascinating insight for advice on the subject of the reading.

Regardless of whether making use of stone or wooden runes, the Psychics are also known as the runecasters. In order to do their divine work, the runecasters or Psychics will draw each rune out of the pouch, and then place them on the white cloth. The runes will be mixed in the bag maybe as the same style as the cards are shuffled. At that time, the readers will rely on clairsentience, or a sense of feeling to determine which ones should cast, or draw, and when.

This work can start very slowly in which the runecaster will pick up one rune carefully, and then another. She continues with this stage till her clairsentience might tell her it is the right time to toss the remaining runes out to the cloth in the grand finale way. Afterwards, she could offer the reading based on the first and final runes with the inscribed side showing or falling face up. The meanings that each rune represents will surely help the reader to make predictions and give guidance depending upon the way the runes have fallen.

On a regular basis, there are a couple of other ways that runecasters cast their runes. Some runes are often cast in a layout fashion, like using the Tarot cards. However, the most popular spread is the 5-rune layout. In this spread, the cardinal directions will be used to give some necessary information about the subject. At the same time, a single rune will be cast in the center of the cloth, and this rune tends to represent the subject’s current condition. The rune lying to the West of this center rune denotes the past while the rune to the North uncover any assistance that can be got by the subject from many sources. The South rune indicates something beyond the subject’s control, whether it is negative or positive. Finally, the Eastern rune tends to imply the outcome of the circumstance if nothing seems to be done by the subject to change his outcome.

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