• What Is A Psychic Palm Reading?

    Palm reading, Palmistry, or Chiromancy is known as an ancient art that has its origin in India, and is very associated with the art of Astrology. In recent times, this method has also developed as the scientific aspect, and there are lots of the people who are really curious to learn and understand how to read their palms.

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    What Is A Psychic Palm Reading?

    It is believed that the basis of this art will help us get a better understanding of the important aspects of Palmistry before we learn how to interpret the various lines. Chiromancy often requires a good amount of practice. As a result, in order to get the accurate and powerful Palm readings, we are strongly advised to consult the gifted and seasoned Psychics who specialize in this area. Want to take a glance of the basis of Palm reading by ourselves? It is time to consult this article now!

    Palmistry – Understand the Lines on the Palm

    To be considered as the most important aspect in Chiromancy, the lines on our hand are what assist us in interpreting the essential traits of our life and personality. Of course, there will be many different lines such as the life line, the success line, the health line, the travel line, the head line, the marriage line, etc. All of them will often be interpreted in varied ways, and a few of them will be discussed here.

    • Life Line:

    In general, this line often begins in the area of the palm which lies between the thumb and the forefinger, and then extends downwards the edge of our palm. We are able to interpret anything related to our life such as our age, health, and so forth by studying its length, thickness, and shape. Nevertheless, how long we would live may not be interpreted through studying any line on the palm. Thus, it is a popular misconception that the length of our life line often denotes the same.

    • Fate Line:

    This fate line can be present on someone’s palms. It tends to indicate the presence of circumstance in a person’s life that has brought about the drastic changes in his/her life.

    • Marriage Line:

    The Marriage line might be found right underneath the little finger. It could reveal our marital life and other relevant important events, even the number of times we can get married.

    • Head Line:

    This head line can be found above the life line. What does this line mean? Generally, it indicates our nature, intellect, psychological and mental issues that we might suffer from.

    Chiromancy – Explore the Mounts on the Palm

    On a regular basis, the mounts on the palm can be located at the base of our fingers. Obviously, their firmness, texture, and color need to be checked for the correct interpretation. There will be various mounts on the palm, and the following are a couple of important ones.

    • The Mount of Venus: This mount will be found at the base of our thumb, and it discloses our passion, sympathy, and love.
    • The Mount of Jupiter: This mount has its location at the base of our index finger, and it represents love towards leadership, ambition, and nature.
    • The Mount of Saturn: This mount is often located at the base of our middle finger, and it indicates wisdom, soberness, and balance.
    • The Mount of Apollo: We can recognize this mount at the base of our ring finger, and it denotes success, happiness, and creativity.
    • The Mount of Mercury: This mound is found at the base of our finger, and it refers to success in business, criminal tendencies, and shrewdness.

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