• Top 10 New York Psychics

    This would be seen as a very exclusive list after all, and every psychic reader here would be hand picked only to be actually on this listing. In other words, there will be no certain amount of money that was used to purchase onto the listing. In fact, there would be quite a lot psychics in New York, but just a few certain ranks among the top 10 New York psychics.

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    What you should know here is none other than a highly rich heritage of psychics of different types. Top 10 psychics here in the city would be offered as one of the most amazing free services to the psychic and metaphysical reader community. The main intention of listing all psychics here is none other than connecting you. Then who are they for real?

    Cynthia S. Becker

    Top 10 New York Psychics

    Psychics in New York would bear such a specially practical and down-to-earth approach to the psychic powers. The healing powers and other teaching skills there have won her own international recognition. It’s none other than Cynthia S. Becker who will be in charge of getting the calls from the ones living from different parts of the world.

    Jordy Morrison-Clason

    The reader here is exactly a great psychic medium in New York, when currently providing the most authentic psychic medium readings and spiritual counseling services. Speaking of the personalized spiritual growth programs here, or mentoring, the Jordy Morrison-Classon would satisfy you all with his more than 20 years of psychic medium experience.

    Vicki L. Robinson

    Vicki is able to clairvoyantly view the visions, and other psychic impressions as well as the details of the life. Speaking of the future, she would be kind of good at it, and her own trance-like statement might properly take her right back to the past life.

    Catherine Ferguson

    Catherine is actually a Reiki master serving as a psychic consultant for many rescue organizations. Besides, she tends to teach the pet communication, there’s a course made to help the pet parents talk to the own animals. She’s such a good pet psychic reader. She is listed in the realm of esoteric guide to the New York city.

    Walter Zajac

    It’s like almost the 2nd generation intuitive reader who has owned hundreds of both dreams and visions that come true all the time. She’s known for being presented with such a vast experience as well as a greater understanding of the true meanings about the dreams.

    Boris Olienov

    Boris here is in fact a very famous psychic advisor living in New York, and descended from the Shamans in Russia. He lives in the city and then starts to read for people coming from different parts of the world. A few customers here have been following him for about 10 years.

    Phil Jordan

    Phil here has been recognized as a psychic for more than 40 years offering the very outstanding psychic service. In addition, his own cases here would relate to the missing persons and arson. A lot of his own successes and accomplishments here have been documented in the TV episodes and other major networks.

    Stephen Robinson

    He’s another real psychic reader who likes to use the ESP powers just to view far beyond the most existing circumstances into how the specific forces of both cause and effect decide on the future life.

    Derek Calibre

    He’s been teaching the meditation at Kapiolani Community College. Also, he has been recognized as a successful psychic readers offering very clear and perceptive insights into different areas of life.

    Psychic Destiny

    This reader can totally view and sense the aura of the others with or even without having to physically touch.

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